Friday, May 28, 2004


My site will be changing radically soon. The content will remain similar but I'm going to a more web-based system for Well Formed and other new content.

I just wrote an RSS feed in ASP+ that builds a feed on demand and reads the database of articles to keep content fresh.

Well Formed will be moving to an online format so subscribers can access it and code without having to store it locally and to prevent me from having to e-mail to all the users each month. I get a lot of subscriber mail bounces these days and there are so many people that I can't spend time chasing their cases any more.

All the xray tools will leave that site and be moved to a new commercial site. I have a bunch of other tools but havent finished productization yet so it's another thing i need to do. When the commercial site is up and running It'll inspire me.

I want to become a repository for knowledge and divorce it from the rest of my business.

As a result of all this, the site might be in a state of flux for a while. I just noticed that a feature I'm preparing has escaped into the wild before it was ready.

Ah well, back to the old grindstone.

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