Thursday, November 08, 2007

Problems with source-control and ItemGroup entries in .CSPROJ files

Here's an interesting one that just happened to me.

I work in a ClearCase source control environment and recently had to have access to a VOB from another team so that I could do a bit of trouble shooting.

The problem arose as soon as I tried to compile their code; the source-control complained that the xxx.csproj couldn't be written because it was write protected. This was normal because I hadn't touched anything or made any checkouts.

The problem was that the system seemed to want to overwrite the files that were not checked out.

After much detective work I found that the XML:

was being inserted into the IN_MEMORY copies of the CSPROJ files.

After some detective work in the registry I found that this was associated with something called STextTemplating which has to do with the template system in Visual Studio and seems also to be associated with Domain Specific Languages (DSL)

After more searching I found that it was necessary to remove the following keys:


After this, the problem went away.

Here is the link I found after about two hours of digging and pain...

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