Thursday, June 16, 2011

IPad 2

I am currently ramping up my mobile device development capabilities with accounts in the Apple, Microsoft and Google app stores as well as development kit and new hardware to test on.

Yesterday I finally took the plunge and bought an iPad 2 with which I hope to do a tablet version of the first application I have in mind.

I find it difficult to express the perfection of the experience that Apple provides when one opens the box and the thing you just Paid a small fortune for works perfectly, smoothly and integrates with your life as if you had always had one. Am I gushing? Well, maybe I am. Congratulations to the Apple team and thanks for a joyous experience!

I am mortified to say that my Windows Phone 7 experience has not been so wonderful. If things don't start going right a certain MVP not far from me might be tempted to write unkind things about the company he has supported for so many years.

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