Sunday, March 23, 2008

Wonderful internet again.

Here's how the Internet is the most wonderful thing that ever happened to the human race.

I've been married for over 25 years to a fantastic lady who I met one afternoon in a farmyard on the Isle of wight. Just before I met her she had been involved with a not incredibly famous progressive rock band called The Enid. This band played all manner of pieces ranging from classical composers to covers of The Troggs Wild Thing and The Sex Pistols Pretty Vacant as well as their own compositions which are pretty good too.

They did a gig in 1978 in Farnborough England where a Swedish fellow by the name of Hans recorded the only recording of some of their music. My wife who was 16 years old at the time was in the audience making noise.

Thirty years later, Chrissy has a MySpace page, contact with the ex band members and through the power of the Internet, Hans. This means that the one and only recording of that gig, made on a handheld tape recorder and never heard elsewhere can live on and enrich the human experience.

You may not imagine that this is important in any great scheme but that data is digital. Ok, the original recording sucked but it was real and it existed for couple of hours. It made memories for a bunch of people that have lasted for thirty years so far and now will be available amongst the petabytes of other data that the human experience has created. Maybe someone a thousand years from now will hear a bit of music that has my wife singing in the background when she was a kid. Maybe someone a million years from now will still be able to hear it.

When all human experience becomes digital and storeable and transferrable and copyable and shareable maybe we will all become immortal.

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