Sunday, August 07, 2011

Big Mac Day

Installing Lion and the new version of Monotouch as well as Xcode 4 and such began to push my 80 gig hard-drive that the Mac Mini came with to its limits. Moving my iTunes library off of the main disk helped but still didn't give me that feeling of security that a nice large disk provides. I could have shopped for a terabyte drive but on rooting around "chez moi" I discovered a 2.5 inch SATA drive with 500 gigabyte capacity and thought I might swop out my main hard drive and replace it with that.

I attacked the hardware side of it with confidence having already upgraded the memory in the machine some while ago so apart from my fifty plus year old eyes having trouble with tiny screws (tip, don't get any older) I was ok.

Rebooting the machine was uneventful, inasmuch as nothing happened, but after I plugged the old main drive into a spare external drive case, the machine booted with no problems.

I downloaded Carbon Copy and did a brain dump of the old drive to the new one then rebooted. Two hours start to finish for a Mac Mini hard-disk upgrade including drive cloning was a seriously hassle free experience. Could I have performed the equivalent on a PC in as short a time? I really do wonder.

Thanks to Carbon Copy it definitely went smoothly. My donation is on it's way!

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