Saturday, November 17, 2012

Facebook offensive?

Facebook makes money by providing a free service and showing paid adverts on people's pages. This is all well and good. They also have options to hide things that you don't want to see on your page. Particularly you can opt not to look at a certain advert or to see things from certain web-sites.

It seems that I have an odd demographic. I visit a lot of tech sites, I look at a lot of up-to-date programming and technical blogs, I read nerdy stuff that young men read and so Google which I checked, and probably Facebook which I cannot check, place me in the male 23-35 demographic.

As a consequence, on my Facebook pages, I have one account for professional contacts and another for personal and family, I get an endless stream of Singles and Dating adverts. I will usually get three or four singles ads with an admittedly pretty but uninteresting girl on them when I would rather see ads for technical stuff or travel. I therefore recently tried to reprogram Facebook into not putting ads for vacuous blondes or Chinese and Ukrainian girls by hiding every dating site as offensive to my tastes and clicking on ads for Norwegian fjord cruises and techno-toys. All to no avail.

So, this beggars the question that if I have declared on many occasions that site is offensive to me and that I do not wish to see advertising from them again, why do they invariably pop up again three days later? Facebook obviously doesn't care a whit about what I find offensive and has no intention to respect my demands. The stupid thing is that they are turning away business because I will never click on a dating site ad where I may possibly click on one for arduino controlled helicopters.

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