Wednesday, March 05, 2014

More ones and zeros

I have long held the belief that ones and zeros are all you need t know when dealing with computing of all styles. The almost religious zeal with which some programmers defend their chosen platforms is of little or no consequence when we find ourselves in a  world where there is an android phone in your pocket, an iPad beside the bed, a PC in the office and a Mac in the living room we don't have any excuse for digital bigotry any longer.

The cries of dyed-in-the-wool Java programmers that detest Microsoft systems and the Linux zealots that think open source is the one true way must be silenced when we realise that the refrigerator runs on a PIC 16 and the microwave has an Atmel controller and the TV is equipped with an ARM system-on-a-chip and if we're really lucky and creative we could actually make a TV that serves popcorn ice-cream that you can order from the car on the way home.

This week so far I have programmed in earnest using C#, Arduino C, Processing java, Python, Visual Basic, PIC microcontroller assembly language and have used Windows, Mac-OS, Ubuntu Linux, Android and iOS and its only Wednesday!

Bollocks to digital bigotry. The more I broaden my horizons the more fun life is!

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