Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Longhorn delayed till 2006?

Lot's of scuttlebut going around about the delay of Longhorn till 2006. I have two minds about the whole thing. Getting IT departments to standardise on an OS and not have a blue fit if they're asked to change it is nigh on impossible. With many people only just adopting Windows 2000 and many still running on windows 9X and NT4 demanding a change to yet another is a difficult thing to swallow.

I would like to see Longhorn happen because a managed environment has proven to be better with .NET and the ideas of using the processing power of the computer to beef up the UI is also good. I mean, how many new ways can you paint a window?. A leap forward is needed and using the techniques that have been available to games programmers for years in the OS is a great idea.

On the other hand I don't want to have to wade headfirst into a new system when I've only just come to the realisation that XP was any sort of advantage to me.

I don't think a delay will hurt it.

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