Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Architecture Matters blog

This blog has been an adjunct to my web site I suppose. The reason it exists is because I was too lazy to write a blog engine of my own, a task that I started but never finished due to pressures of the day job, and the fact that this all integrates so nicely with my mobile lifestyle.

As you know, Even though I do an amount of technical stuff here and it is after-all an MVP blog, I sometimes get sidetracked by personal interests and so, the content here is mixed.

My day job is taking on a new significance these days. I am still working, at least part time, in the banking and finance sector doing work for a big bank in France but I have seen a resurgence in other requests from clients around the world through my company, Daraize Technologies, where I am C.T.O.

As a result of this and the desire to create a technology only blog I have asked our webmaster to add a link to a new blog I will be working on, The Architecture Matters Blog.

The idea is to create a regular series of articles dedicated to the diverse subjects of software architecture as a big picture subject.

You may be interested to look at it yourself.

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