Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More on the awfulness of Safari

I posted earlier (yesterday? it all seems so far away) about what a useless result Safari gave when used to view an ASP.Net web site. Just as an experiment I went over to my site stats and looked at the browser and operating system stats for the various sites I manage. I was more than a little surprised, although I can't imagine why I suppose, to see that whereas Apple operating systems constitute a small percentage of users who view the sites, of those fewer than fifty percent of those people actually use the Safari browser!

That is truly an inditement of that miserable excuse for a browser. What makes me laugh too is the way Apple have tried to push it along with iTunes to PC systems all over the place. I guess that quality really does matter eh?

On Mac systems it seems that Firefox, Chrome and Opera do quite well. I haven't tried Chrome on ASP.Net yet. Hmmmm... Despite the motto of "Don't be evil" I still hear a faint Muhaahaahaa in the background whenever I think of Google so I haven't had the courage to install Chrome yet.

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