Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spam really can be controlled!

I have been an active participant online for twenty years now and interestingly I receive little or no spam mail despite having a reasonably high profile inasmuch as bots that harvest e-mail addresses have plenty of access to my posts and blogs.
I think that a major contributing factor to my low spam count is that I use my own domain name and refuse to use Hotmail, Google or Yahoo etc for mail.
I run my mail server on Godaddy's secureserver which itself has a spam filter that catches 90% of Nigerian 411 spans and Viagra adverts and the remaining immunity I can only attribute to my use of an obfuscated mail address for forum posts in which I use @_spamtrap_bobpowell.net which a live person could easily fix and which robots seem too stupid for still.
Finally, the contact page on my site has a simple "capcha" system that I created to do live person verification. The result is that I probably get 3 spam e-mails per day.
I would kindly ask that you wags out there like my pal Ricky etc do not go subscribing me to every list available. :-)

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