Thursday, August 16, 2012

Boot on the other foot.

Recently we've seen a rash of cases where America has made extradition claims against a number of people for what are considered to be crimes in the U.S. Furthermore, a recent case of action brought against the Standard Chartered Bank for having broken sanctions placed upon Iran has been justified because the U.S. say that crimes which affect the Dollar currency in any way can be considered to have been committed on American soil thereby making the U.S. the de-facto global policeman for just about all crimes.

Unfortunately, people in kiss-ass governments like that of the UK accede to these demands without much question but New Zealand at the moment is fighting the extradition of Kim Dotcom in regard to the Megaupload case.

Now, I will state clearly that my views on Mr Dotcom are not germaine to the argument. I have no problem with him. I don't necessarily agree with his web-site. I don't agree with brothels either but it doesn't matter either way because I don't use brothels even though they are legal in parts of the world that I visit.

Legally, I see the U.S setting a precedent that it should uphold rigorously if it wishes other countries in the world to allow this endless stream of what are becoming more trivial and more frivolous extradition cases.

Countries should begin making extradition claims agains U.S. citizens that do things to break their laws. The great law of U.S. Freedom of speech is, in some parts of the world, a crime of hate. Egregious "ministers" who advocate the mass torture or murder of homosexuals by putting them all inside a fenced area and bombing them is a good example. Neo-nazi propaganda on U.S. hosted sites another.

I urge every country to begin swamping the U.S. justice system with extradition claims for every tiny infraction that we might be considered as a crime anyplace. In this way, the global reach of the U.S. might get its fingers deservedly slapped.

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