Friday, September 28, 2012

Apple screws up. Microsoft too, Whats up?

The recent debacle of Apple's mapping software probably has poor Steve Jobs spinning in his grave. It's exactly the type of utter balls-up that he hated and would have taken the time to deal with personally before that crap went out the door. The post Jobs era looks to be shaping up as "more of the same" corporate incompetence with lack-lustre CEOs and uninspiring products.

Likewise the failure of Windows 8 to capture the imaginations of developers and the hopelessly ivory tower approach of Steve Ballmer leaves Microsoft in the gutter again.

Where has all the passion gone from the computer business? What has happened to people with the balls to stick their necks out for a principle and to make products that inspire some sort of emotion in the user? 

I've been a professional developer for all of my thirty plus year career and I can see today that despite the incredible opportunities for technology that would make your head spin right off your shoulders, greed, desire for a status-quo and lawyer driven crapware has become the norm.

Oh for the days of Steve and Bill!

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